Should I Knit Or Should I Not?

Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash

So, I have had a running goal of knitting twelve sweaters every year; ever since I started to make that goal, I have in no way come even close to achieving that goal.

I thought I was more on track this year when I completed four sweaters in February, all done in bulky yarn on size US 15 needles. Then, March hit. I finished my last project, which was the Rikke hat pattern worked up in sparkly blue sock yarn, and then–the wall hit me. I have not been able to decide on a project since.

I have some nice silk blend yarn to knit myself a couple bras. Over the weekend I found the pattern with all my notes for a sweater I started, what, two years ago, and that I frogged — but all the yarn is still in the project bag — the pattern was in a completely different place. I have been pondering either restarting that same sweater (without screwing up the increases this time around) — or using the same yarn to start a different sweater. Or I could use a different yarn and a totally different pattern. Or I could make something for my son.

I am nearly ready to knit him his yarn copies of our tortie demon who passed the year before last. I miss that cranky little queen of ours. I haven’t been able to knit him up his little kitties in tortie shades because I miss her so. I had agreed to make him at least three of his little tortie babies as when we bought yarn that looked like our girl there were two colorways that were close. I said I would knit one kitty from each color and then knit a third kitty using both colors together. I keep petting the yarn this past week (yes, this yarn I can find in half a second without issue), but it hurts my heart to think about who I am memorializing and so I walk away from it for a bit.

(Nope. Not going to talk about missing my {daughter’s} little dog–that is even worse than missing the darn cat.)

Not to mention, when it comes to knitting projects, I have at least a dozen colorwork hats I should knit up because I developed the pattern-work –I developed the pattern-work YEARS ago and have been telling myself to knit up the samples and get the patterns up for sale…and yet, well, first, I had to figure out where the notebook went that I wrote up the original patterns and charts…then I had to buy the yarn. Both of which I have done. I even went so far as to put all the charts into one of my bujos so I would always be able to find them…and here I am now, hemming and hawing because…I am just not in the mood to do any of it right now.

What I have wanted to do is finish the stash busting granny square blanket — that I have been working on for around a year now…but it is currently camping out under a bunch of stuff in the new office space that we have, waiting for me to move, purge and organize that space…which is going to be my focus for this week…

I honestly think once I am able to reach that blanket I will finish it off because I want to crochet a circular blanket for the summer–which is incredibly … I want to say stupid because working on a blanket in hot weather is not at all what i want to do…but it is only Spring and not Summer so I should be fine, especially since this will be a granny-style mandala-esque blanket–made to fit at least a queen-sized bed if not bigger. So, we’ll see. Until I get all that done…what should I be working on? Hmmm.

After all of this, I think I will take my figgy green yarn (from my frogged-out UFO sweater) and … figure out what sweater pattern to work up … maybe just a Flax, this time with the garter-stitch pattern on the sleeves per the pattern.

Do you have days like this? Or weeks? Where the choices are too much, too overwhelming and you just can’t put your finger on what you really want to do? How do you help yourself decide? What helps you there? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you have any pattern suggestions for me to work up, leave those in the comments below too, please.

Thank you.