Planner Update


I have a lot of information thrown about in my older bujos. I say older. These ones I am referred to at the moment are not even a year old. I spent some time digging through three past bujos over the past weekend and I kept looking and thinking and comparing.

I found a space (for lack of a better term) in the newer format I have been using that I can manipulate, change up and shape differently than I have been. Last month’s bujo, in my own hand-made hand-bound book, I had set up completely…all the pages had at least the skeleton of what would be written upon them.

With this month’s bujo, I have more space, yes, but I have been feeling as if I have been missing something. Flipping through my older bujos may have given me an idea. I am missing a sense of freedom. I can also say I miss the amount of color and the oddities I would paste into my pages at random. Who else do you know that got excited about photos of a moose skeleton? I have that in one of my bujos; indeed I do.

So for this week, as I had already set up the entirety of last week per usual…I set up the weekly spread, and then I set up the next day. I am planning to set up one day at a time, the night before that specific day–that way I have plenty of room in my journal to through in a collection randomly wherever I am — and so I won’t feel odd about the collection having to be in the back of the book or put in the back of some other uncompleted bujo I have on hand.

I have been using stickers on my pages here and there when I feel up to it. I have been using washi tape. I think I have to figure out a way to get more of Archer & Olive’s Get Messy washi tapes…I have been in love with them since the whole kit arrived a couple weeks ago. I have been using the Get Messy washis to tip-in all sorts of random things that I never got around to tipping in to last month’s bujo, or even the month before.

I guess what I really need is that sense of being able to do whatever I want no matter where I am in my bujo…versus feeling caught in a rigid you have to do this thing on this page and you cannot deviate. Rulebreaker, yes, I am. I hate to feel contained–and my bujo was fencing me in…and now, it is not.

Hopefully, I am that one step closer to having that all-elusive planner peace.

What about you? How is your planner system holding up for you? What do you need more of? What do you need less of?

Let me know in the comments below, along with any questions or comments you might have.