Word Of the Year Check-In

photo unsplash.com

My word for 2022 is Integrity.

Basically, integrity means, to be honest, and to have (high) moral standards–as well as being whole and undivided. Where do I stand in and with my integrity this month?

Am I whole? Am I undivided? Am I honest? Do I have high moral standards? And all of this–in what context?

I think I am coming together. I think I am gathering the pieces of myself, and that I have been doing so for years, decades, because I have long been fragmented and distracted by other things, like survival, like taking care of my kids, like all that ‘life’ stuff that can get in the way of actually having a life.

I am working within the parameters of my health, of my desires, and of the needs of my family, as well as I can–so long as I do not have to fold laundry every single day…which with my son can and does happen…although I have no issues ignoring clean laundry.

With my two older children old enough to be on their own, and my youngest about to become a ‘tween’ later this year, things are shifting…goals that I had in my childhood are peeking up at me. Hobbies I had when I was younger, before I had children, are creeping out of the corners. New ideas, new projects, new hobbies…they are asking for their time in my arena as well.

The first thing that is happening is another round of house clearing, energetically and physically. Cleaning and purging and organizing is like the proverbial onion for me. I finish one round, and as I recuperate from that effort, something inside me shifts and I see what else I can now let go of and I have to do it all over again as if I never did it the first time.

I may not be able to keep in contact with every area that I want to devote time and attention to every single day, but I am working to do the best I can at all times.

New ideas, new habits, new dreams, they are in the germination process as I speak. Spring is in the air, nearly here. I expect to see the pale green new growth of tiny little shoots pressing through the cool loose soil any day now.

How are you going in your journey with your word for this year?

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