Going Deeper Into Basics

Photo by Emily Underworld on Unsplash

A long time ago, I had a conversation about where all the next-level Pagan books are. The market is overwhelmed with a plethora of beginner books.

I have learned a few things since then.

Number one: there is a reason most groups (sects) do not make their next level education/methods/pedagogy available to the general public so that people will come to them to learn — which is not a bad thing in any way. Please do not get me wrong. I am in no way saying this is wrong or that this is a bad thing. This is how you weed out people who are not serious about your material. I see that and I understand that.

Number two: for those who are not interested in this particular sect, or in that particular direction, there is a path open to and for them. Meditation, communion with the Universe, and journaling–all together. One thread twined together to make a stronger cord.

This is particularly true for those of us who are more Solitary in nature, who may not have access to other like-minded souls due to a slew of reasons we don’t need to get into right now. If there is no Teacher or Guru or Mentor available to you or for you, you must become your own Guide. This is where you must learn to attune yourself, be it to Spirit, or the Universe, or to Nature–whatever it is that you seek to deepen the connection and the relationship to and with.

Ask questions in your journal or grimoire. Allow your own unconscious/subconscious to come forward with the answer. One technique is to write the question with your dominant hand and write the answer with your non-dominant hand. Take that answer, with your dominant hand again, and dissect it, delve into it, journal about what you feel, what you see, what you could learn, where you could take that answer.

Will every thought you have, every word you write, become your gospel? Will every answer, every response, lead you to the path you seek? Of course not. You must investigate everything. Test things against your intuition. Ask questions about the question to tease out more information. Turn to creating collage with magazine images, or doodles, or drawings or anything else to help activate the subconscious to draw more information and guidance.

Create a drawing, or a collage, or a painting, or a doodle…and then journal about what you see, what you feel, what the piece may be saying to you. Ask the piece questions and allow the answers to come up intuitively under your pen. If nothing comes up…make more collage or more artwork…or set it aside for a day or a week or longer and come back to it later.

Write the next-level class that you need. Write the next-level book that you need to carry you forward.

Don’t wait for someone else to do that. This is for you. This is about you. Fill in your own gaps for a change instead of allowing someone else to tell you what to think and how to do it.

Questions? Comments? Please leave them below.