FOs From January

Photo by Mildlee on Unsplash

In the month of January, I knit four whole adult sweaters. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Except–the fourth sweater lacked about thirty rounds by January 31 and so it was technically completed on February 1–but most of it was finished in January, so I am counting it there.

I took a pattern for super-bulky yarn and adjusted it for bulky yarn. My first sweater was more of a test than anything because I had to figure out how to do the decreases around the neck and finish the neck of the sweater off because I could not follow the pattern as written. The color yarn I used is called “camo” — it is more of a greenish-brownish color, more brown than green.

The second sweater was another experiment as I was still trying to get those decreases and that neckline down pat and looking good. This one, done in navy yarn, is now an off-the-shoulder sweater. I like it, a lot.

The third one was the final test, done in a lovely chocolate brown yarn — with contrasting ribbing at the wrists, waist, and neck. This one turned out beautifully.

The fourth one was done in an ivory shade of yarn, also with the contrasting ribbing at the wrists, waist, and neck.

Now, these sweaters were all knit with We Love Yarn, everyday acrylic bulky. Well, the contrasting ribbing on the last two sweaters was knit with Lion Brand Homespun yarn; a different color was used for each sweater.

All these sweaters were knit on size US 15 circular needles. So they worked up fast. They were also worked from the bottom up, in the round.

It took about three days of doing little else than knitting to finish each sweater–after the first one at least.

The last one, I worked on for nearly two weeks because I wasn’t feeling well and I worked on it an hour here, an hour there…but I was determined to finish it before February arrived. well, I nearly made it. I spent all day Sunday, January 31, with this terrible pain in my one hand, so I fought through it and finally just decided to let it go until the next day after I finished the second sleeve and got both sleeves connected to the body and a few rows worked to set them in.

So, why no photos of my sweaters here? Because I keep wearing the snot out of them, with this strange weather…and any time I think, I better take a picture of all four of them together, I can usually only find one.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I love the yarn, the We Love Yarn. It starts off a bit rough, but after a wash or two, it starts to soften up. It is warm. Not wool warm, but enough to keep me from freezing to death in the house when the temperature drops into single digits. I am not so certain I would say that this yarn is wearing well…it’s not exactly pilling, but it looks rougher than it did when it was first knit up and even after the first wash.

What did you accomplish in January? What are you planning to do this month? It doesn’t have to be knitting-related either. Let me know in the comments below.