The 100 Days Projects Begins This Month


The new #100DayProject begins on February 13. You can learn all about the project by checking out their official website here.

I am still working on exactly what I want to do this year. Two years ago I filled a sketchbook with random splashes of color in order to use that sketchbook either for art or for planning. As yet, I have done neither. Last year I pulled together a stack of three different colors of four-inch by six-inch cardstock (black, white, and kraft colors). P divided them up as evenly as it is possible to divide three into one hundred. I have all these cards sitting in a plastic bag waiting for me to figure out what I want to do with them.

I also have a “very big book” (this is NOT an affiliate link). I recently received it in the mail after wanting it for such a long time. And, OH, the things I have been thinking of doing with this book… however, as I have been sitting here these past few weeks, and I think what I want to do, on one hand, is that I will work in the “very big book” every day for one hundred days. She does not have a name yet, as so many of my planners, bujos and journals have–but then again, I have not yet done much work in her. My name appears in marker and watercolor on the first page and that’s it as yet. Once I have a name for her, then I will create her hashtag of #100daysof(hernamehere).

Now, I have also been thinking of restarting my daily meditative journaling process–and this would be a terrific reason to do so. Who said I would have to be restricted to one single one hundred day project? Not to mention, if I work at it, perhaps this process will stick with me and I will stick with it.

So there are my projects. My “very big book” and my #100daysofmeditativejournalprocess.

What are you going to be doing with the 100DayProject? Have you ever done it before? Let me know in the comments below.