The Journal Of Inspiration 2022


I actually started this journal/planner/bujo in about November 2021, with the intention that it would be more for work scheduling and goal tracking than for inspiration.

I pulled out an A5 (my go-to size) dot grid journal, set up an index, set up the name page, and started to add some stickers — and add pages/spreads/collections I meant to include in this planner in the index. After I did a little bit of that, I set it aside until closer to January when I intended to start using the book as my January planner.

Then … December came along. I already had different ideas for what I wanted to include and how I wanted my January planner to be set up. nI at first thought perhaps I would use the first one as more of a reference journal…and then it struck me.., with all the stickers and everything this would make the perfect inspiration and affirmation journal.

I am not planning to change the index at all…although I do plan to tip-in some colorful scrapbooking paper to use as the actual index. I will simply use what is already written down as more of a blueprint for other projects I am working on for the rest of this year. More about some of those once my health evens out, hopefully soon.

Now, other than a new index, I am also planning to add more uplifting and inspiring quotes and affirmations, more stickers, collage, and whatever else that makes me feel good and make me feel happy. I plan to add various Tarot and Oracle card readings that cover different projects, different time periods, and whatnot. I do also have the Samhain reading I did in 2021 for this year already transferred fully into this journal already. I plan to add my goals for this year…and I have been thinking of doing a more expanded goal-setting session. This year–three years–five years–ten years…and then a break-down of how to work on those goals throughout the rest of this year…and as far as I need to in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself in the three, five and ten-year sessions…so that I am always working towards the future goals, and today’s goals, without missing out of life right here and right now.

This way, in one place, I have all my goal planning and the breakdown of steps so that I am cognizant of all times where I am going and why, a lot of uplifting encouragement for whenever I hit a roadblock of whatever type. This inspiration journal is going to be someplace I can come when I am feeling down, when I need to remember what I am doing and why I am doing it, what the end of the journey will give me…and also keep me on track so I don’t forget anything.

Maybe I will add more to it as the year progresses. I am not sure. It depends on what I need from this journal as the days go on. Eventually at some point this year, I will film the journal, give you a little walk-through of everything. Right now, I don’t have enough completed to show you much, other than a bunch of sticky notes and scribble for what I mean to include.

I’ll keep you posted on it throughout the year.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below.