Word Of the Year Check-In

photo by unsplash.com


Am I in alignment with myself, with my goals, with my desires, with my plans?

Am I following the path I have laid out for myself?

Am I treating myself and my path/plans with compassion and gentleness as I go along?

Am I truly doing things in alignment with myself and my goals, when they need to be done, when I plan to do them? Or am I casting them aside for other reasons, for reasons that cause me to be disjointed and out of integrity with myself?

January, for me, especially the first two weeks, is about sussing out what I want and need to have and to do in order to be in alignment with what I want to accomplish this year–this year, this month, this week, this day. Right now, I am implementing changes slowly and methodically because I want them to stick…and I want to be able to work within my physical and mental abilities and limitations (if and when they crop up). Plus, I am also working to create space to embrace all the things I have so missed in the past few years.

Right now I do feel as if I am in integrity with myself and with the purpose and goals I have given myself for this month and this week…and that is all I can ask for at the moment.

How do you feel you are doing in this New Year? let me know in the comments below.