Not Necessarily New For This Year

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In 2021, perhaps in August, perhaps it was October (but I don’t think so–and I am not about to start trying to figure out where those planners/journals are at this moment to check it out because … tired…), I started to pull a Tarot/Oracle card, either in the morning or in the evening, depending upon how my day went.

It was November when I found a simple 3-card reading somewhere in the rabbit hole that is Pinterest that spoke to me and I have been using that spread every single day since…

It is a three-card layout. One card each for Brain, Body, and Soul.

I shuffle my deck, lay down three cards, and write them in my hybrid bujo–write a quick meaning/interpretation…and move on with the rest of my day…or evening…

The decks I was using last year were the decks that I assumed I would be using this year as well. I have loved my Spiritsong Tarot since the moment I first saw it–and things only improved once I bought the deck and it was in my hands singing to me. The Halloween Oracle was something I saw, thought it was too kitschy and tried to ignore–but my brain kept coming back to it and coming back to it–and dreaming about it–so I finally gave in and bought it–and I have no yet been disappointed. For me, this is a very powerful deck and I love it.

Then I began to get recommendations for the Labyrinth Tarot deck. It’s based on the Rider-Wait format. I had no intentions of using this deck for any sort of readings. I wanted it for the love of the movie Labyrinth. Then I bought them and the deck sat in my hands…and I decided mI needed to not just check out every single card in the deck…I needed to shuffle them…I needed to throw some cards…and I do believe this deck has replaced the Spiritsong tarot as my number one go-to deck. I am hooked.

The final deck I shall be using here and there I swear was pre-purchased months and months before the deck was printed–and I admit this one I did buy for the kitsch value, never thinking to genuinely USE the deck other than maybe to admire here and there: the Yarn Tarot (another Rider-Wait styled deck). I opened my deck, spilled it out of its box…it had a nice feel and a pleasant voice…and I began to go through the cards and before I knew it I was throwing cards for short little readings…and I like them…

So here I am…someone who used to own twenty or thirty or more decks that I used fairly regularly…that had pared it all back to two that I use on a regular basis and then my stack of Faerie/Froud decks that I use for higher purposes (not daily readings for myself) … I have several other decks, some my mother gave me, some from my daughter, and all the Doreen Virtue decks I have that I am still not certain what I want to do with yet–I love the decks…but…that’s all I am going to say…there is something in me and for me that isn’t quite up to using those decks at the moment. I guess it is more than I am still healing from the evil and the betrayal of all that happened…and I don’t want my decks caught up in all of that.

All of this, my Tarot journey, it all began with my best beloved (and now laid to rest for various and sundry reasons) deck: the Ukioye Tarot way way WAY back in the 1980s, when I was in high school. I miss that deck, but I know I am now in good hands with the decks I will be working with this year.

What about you? Do you have a daily or weekly Tarot card ritual? Or less frequently?

What deck or decks do you use? What sort of spread do you use, or do you do the one card each morning thing?

How does this support you? support your growth?

Let me know in the comments below.