So, Let’s Knit Some Slippers

Photo by Tara Evans on Unsplash

I believe I have spoken about my need for a mass influx of slippers for this house, especially for myself. Not that my youngest and my husband don’t need them as well–and yes, I will make sure they get some as well.

Now, I will probably make a bunch of the old granny favorite slippers, similar to this free pattern here. These are usually quick and easy for me and can be made double stranded to help them be sturdier.

I actually bought a book of Nordic knitting patterns to get a pattern for socks/slippers similar to this free pattern here that I found on Ravelry–the book is still good–some of those sweaters are doable for me–I think the whole book is simply amazing. No, I cannot remember what it is right now–but I will try to remember to come back and tell you here.

I have also long meant to work up a pair of EZ’s Add A Booties Slippers for everyone in the family. I have the books; I have the ability. I simply have not had the drive until … well, hopefully soon.

BUT, those are none of the slippers I am looking forward to making right now. I saw this pattern, long ago, and have had it sitting in my Ravelry cart for months and months. I decided to buy the pattern for these amazing boots–that can be either for indoor or made for outdoor use–the Moonkoosa Boots designed by Tiny Owl Knits. I do indeed hope to make the youngest and the darling husband a pair as well–but– mine first, lol. I love these boots and I am so excited to make them. When I bought this pattern, I of course had to buy a second pattern, just because this is the one pattern that got me hooked anyway: the practical witch hat. How could I resist?

I will say, one of my goals for the coming year is to knit from the patterns I have bought for the past few years that I have either never touched, frogged, or forgotten I had. Not all the patterns I have bought are linked or available on Ravelry…if they aren’t in my queue of projects to do, I tend to forget I have them. Sometimes I will get a reminder by reading an email or newsletter. In November, I went through an email from Sewrella. She sells a bundle with, I think, sixty knit and crochet patterns. (Don’t quote me; I forget and it’s on my external hard drive somewhere.) I started pondering buying this bundle–totally forgetting that I had already bought it earlier in the year…but that is how I found the easy My First Holiday Sweater pattern that I started after Thanksgiving.

My other goal, knit-wise, is learning how to knit socks–and actually KNITTING them. I received several learn to knit socks books for the holidays and am looking forward to digging in and getting busy with them.

Questions? Comments? Projects of your own or goals of your own that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below.