Cashmerette And Their Patterns

Photo by tata toto on Unsplash

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So, how long have I been talking about sewing myself a wardrobe?

It struck me that there is no reason I cannot sew the weird types of things I like to wear, to be honest. Honestly, as I keep researching things, I continue to find out I was simply born in the wrong country. My aesthetics are not what is locally thought of as typical, but in other countries, they are. I will not incriminate any other countries. I am happy to know I am not alone. I have always had that feeling that i belonged elsewhere. Now I keep getting proof after proof.

That is what it is.

So, I bought three Cashmerette patterns. I am still waiting for them to arrive in the mail. You do have a choice to buy the PDF format or the printed format–I chose the printed format. From what I read of the patterns, they come with the PDF access so you can have them printed in a print shop. Apparently, each pattern still needs to be traced off the original in order to use it. None of this turns me away.

I am currently waiting to receive my copy of Ahead of The Curve as well. The book comes with four patterns: pants, a t-shirt, a tank top, and a dress.

Now, the three patterns that I am waiting to arrive separately from the book are: the Concord T-shirt, the Calder pants & shorts, and the Belmont leggings and Yoga pants. You can find these and many more of their patterns on their website here. I love wide-legged pants. I am tired of knit palazzo pants that shrink after you wash them (I never put any pants in the dryer…everything hangs to dry.) I have a super wide-legged palazzo pants pattern from, uhm, somewhere…I bought the pattern at Joann Fabric, so other than that, I am not sure–and there is no current way for me to reach them right now because we are setting up an office space in an empty bedroom…and of course somehow all my stuff has been blocked in by other stuff.

I have been collecting fabric and my mother has given me fabric–fleece, a lot of fleece…and I want to start digging in in the coming year and sew some things. My youngest has expressed more than a passing interest in 1 learning how to sew and 2 me sewing him pants that fit him just the way he wants them to fit him (eek!). So I figure if I start with stuff for me, I can wrangle my way through things and mess up my stuff and learn from that experience before having to figure out how to sew something that makes my youngest happy.

What about you? Any new projects brewing? Anything you are awaiting to arrive? Let me know in the comments below.