A Review Of My New Planner Set-Up

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

So, earlier this month I told you about my new planner set-up, my hybrid bullet journal, now into a plain A5 book. No lines, no dots, no grids.

It has been — amazingly freeing actually. No, my apologies, I have no current photos of my planner. All I can do at the moment is tell you what I have done.

First of all, I have a ton of tip-ins. Not on every two-page spread, so not every single day, but … most of them. My normal set-up is minimalism, not the pretty artsy ones other artists have. In this planner though, I do have many pages of collage, pictures pulled from catalogs, from magazines, wherever. I have random stickers throughout. I have tons of washi tape, but you would guess that with the tip-ins, but not all the washi is there for tip-ins only.

For my weekly spreads, I have been using a stencil to create my seven boxes–up until the week before ‘Thanksgiving’. That week, I decided to simply freehand some boxes for the days of the week and let it go at that.

Now, I do not set up my days ahead of time. I do all my initial prep and set-up before the month starts, so I can stay on track with what I need to accomplish and any deadlines go into my monthly spread–and later into my weekly spreads when I set them up–so I don’t forget. The same with holidays, birthdays, appointments. Each day gets set up the night before with all the basics. I fill it in throughout the day.

Usually, I add bits and bobs and collage and whatever else the day of–but I frequently leave a page or two and go back to decorate and play with them later. This month, I have one page where I keep track of a knitting project and on the facing page, I collage or whatever to decorate the page. It’s been bliss.

How is your planning journey going? Anything new going on? Is your usual set-up and way of doing things perfect and needs no changing?

Let me know in the comments below.