Video: New Set-Up For November

For November, I decided to shift to using a whole new type of journal for my hybrid bujo set-up.

She’s still an A5. Plain pages. No lines. No dot grid. Nothing like that. My class journals are plain page as well (also A5, or A5ish) and I have loved taking notes and everything else in them, so I decided to give it a try for my bujo.

She has 218 pages–yes, I numbered very single one–so maybe I might get two months in this journal. The paper is nothing special. There is some minor ghosting, but nothing that is so terrible I have to stop and change journals or anything.

When I pulled her out of my journal stash, she had no identifying anything on her. She has a plain kraft paper/thin cardboard cover. I have a few of them hanging around waiting to be used. That’s about all I can tell you.

I have been using a lot of tip-ins–in this journal and in my last journal. I am not doing the tip in the page in the center of two pages as deep in/close to the spine as possible thing. I found a tip-in class on Etsy that got me thinking about tip-ins in a different way and I am loving it–plus, I don’t have as many issues keeping my spine intact or the integrity of my journal clean.

If you want to see a video flip-through of either my October bujo–or this bujo once it is finished, just let me know in the comments below.