Video: A LGB ‘Pumpkin’ Journal

I made this journal for my 9yo per his request.

He wanted pumpkins, so I used pumpkin scrapbooking paper as covers for each signature.

His favorite color is yellow, so I used several different yellow shades of cardstock. I never know what media this kid will use, so I needed something a bit tough and heavy. He also requested a lot of pages. I made sure he got them.

All of this was bound in an upcycled Little Golden Book that he chose. I have a big ol’ stack of them now. I am slowly taking them and turning them into nice usable journals.

I added bookmarks in his second favorite color, gold, which totally made his day.

The video may be horrible, but it gets the point across. The book itself made the boy himself ecstatic. That means the world to me.