During The Month Of October This Year

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October is a tricky time of year for me. I am Morticia Addams at heart. If you ever meet my daughter, there’s my own little raven, Wednesday. One son definitely embodies Uncle Fester…and the other seems to be more Cousin Itt than Pugsley…and of course, I married my own dear darling Gomez…just as I said I always would…

Alas, instead of a lovely Kitty…we are stuck with the, yes, she’s gorgeous, Saluki (mix) — and her bark is worse than her bite … but still… I guess domestic cats and a big dog who thinks she’s a cat will have to do… for now.

October hosts the Celtic New Year, if you follow the Wheel of the Year, which I do. I am simply genetically pre-disposed to this cycle. It took me years to figure out that I run on a Lunar cycle monthly, as well as a Wheel of the Year cycle during the year…always out of sync with many of those around me.

Samhain is also, for me, the Feast of the Dead, when we honor the Ancestors and those who have passed before us.

Not to mention, horror stories, ghosts, and goblins, spooky things adorning the house inside and out.

Hopefully this year we will be harvesting our own pumpkins…out of our own front flower bed (which is where we left our untouched pumpkins last year once they began to … smell …

What does all this mean for you? It means there is going to be a lot going on here on the blog throughout the entire month.

I am sticking with my ritual of the Spookyfest time. This means I will be posting writings, art, whatever other scary freaky spooky weird offerings I feel like sharing throughout the entire month.

It also means we have to have a month-long prompt challenge. My son and I decided a few months ago that this October’s theme is Mushrooms. They are strange and ooky and can fit any theme, if given the right … push.

My son is also pushing for a pumpkin prompt challenge, so that may also be a thing as well.

So — that’s three things there.

Any end of the year planning and goal setting that I normally do in October I plan to hold over until January so that — it looks like I am more on the same page as the rest of the world — even though I am not.

I may through in mini-prompt challenges or something in regards to Ancestors, perhaps Feast related, perhaps Spirit related. I don’t know about that. I have a lot of things brewing and I need to find a balance. What does not get used during the coming month will be filtered down throughout the rest of the year.

Consider this your warning. October is coming. Prepare now.

If you have any ideas for prompts or challenges that you would like to see here on this blog, please let me know in the comments below.