One Book In July?

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

Never heard of One Book July? Click here to see videos from the ladies who created it and videos from those who participate.

One Book July. Every year, I think, oh yes, of course I want to do this. One notebook. Maybe even just one pen. In the past, I have even managed it, after a fashion. One super-wide spine on a Traveler’s Notebook cover and as many inserts as I could stick in it (more than ten, if I remember correctly) .

This year, I thought about it. I should have a TN cover in A5 size with a wider than normal spine, right? Except…except that usually, the most my A5 covers hold are two notebooks, the hard cover ones. And right now I am working in now less than three hard cover A5 journals, my kbujo, my July bujo (that is going to end up with a lot more than just July in it) and my reference journal, as I am filling that in here and there as things strike my fancy. Not to mention, my journal, an A4 notebook, which fits in none of the A5 or B6 — or even the few A6– journal covers I have. I like the stickers I have on the of my journal notebook and I have no intention of buying a cover for her.

Oddly enough, neither my kbujo nor my bujo are in covers either. My Passion Planner daily is. My–what I call my workbook grimoire is in a cover. But otherwise, my notebooks are floating around free and nekkid…and every one covered in stickers on the front cover.

I did want to follow along with the Atomic Habits read along, but I could not find my copy of the book. I bought the book in the past couple of months and I can’t find it now that I want to read it. Or re-read it. I have to look at it again to see if I did read it when it arrived or not. I don’t remember.

What about you? Are you doing One Book July? In any fashion? Let me know in the comments below.