A Six-Ring Binder

photo unsplash.com

So, I tried a subscription box (I won’t name it because it was a good box; it IS a good box; it’s just not good for me.) that sent me a pretty six-ring binder. Every month they sent monthly inserts, as well as other goodies. It was a nice box…these inserts, just not for me. I needed to have at least two month’s worth of planner pages, if not three or four…and although the daily set-up of pages was great, it didn’t work for me.

Plus, using my Passion Planner Dailies has … well, what I need is a yearly planner. Not something I move from planner to planner. The not having a whole year to be able to write down appointments as I get them…dental appointments are six months out–doctor appointments are six months out–my tattoo removal appointments are three months out…and every now and then, we do have yearly appointments. Plus, I like to be able to plan things months ahead.

I was not happy with my subscription box. I am not satisfied with the Passion Planner Dailies. There are a lot of things missing. First of all–I am deeply missing using my hybrid bullet journal format.

Now, to deal with the lack of yearly planner…I bought a very simple, very cheap monthly/weekly calendar/planner for a six-ring binder. I liked the subscription box six-ring binder…so I tried to use that. I wanted to keep some of the notes and other pages from my subscription box with the year-long calendar. It was a very tight fit, so I had to go looking for a planner cover that had thirty mm rings.

It took me a while. I was this (.) close to simply buying the rings and fixing up some other binder I have around here–but I didn’t want six rings all even spaced. I like the three rings, a space, and then three rings set-up. I finally found one on eBay. Lovely black leather. Lots of inner pockets. Tons of space. I love this thing. And I have room for some of my cool clips that are not magnetic enough to stay positioned on the front cover of any journal. They work well in the inner pockets. I haven’t been able to decorate my inner pockets before.

Do I have pictures of it? Not right now…but that is on my to-do list.

I am already planning on what to stick in this planner for the coming year. I am going to get another one of the monthly/weekly planner inserts…I have a paper puncher that can punch the correct pattern of holes in any paper I want…although I could buy notes and other inserts…we’ll see what the calendar itself comes with when I order it.

How is your planner experience going? Do you have one? Are you happy with it? Are you still looking for planner peace?

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