What Happened In May?

photo unsplash.com

May flew by…how was your May? I had some ups — and a lot of downs.

I spent time with my doctor in her office, or at least her assistant, whom I adore. I spent even more time in the emergency room. I spent days and days…and days…crashed out in my chair, recuperating, sleeping, keeping a warm compress on my face…and recuperating even more. I did absolutely nothing by lay there, subsisting through the pain. Not to mention several emergency doctor visits and whatnot on top of the rest…

So, to say I had a rough May (three weeks plus) is a misnomer for me. But hey, my oldest turned twenty, so that as terrific.

However, I did complete my grey beach t-shirt. I also started a new tank top, the Vivian V-neck. I am loving working the DK yarn up o size 10 US knitting needles. I will also say I need to buy a lot more of this Easy Care Cotton Merino by Mayflower. It feels so amazing to work with.

This whole thing, with the sinus infections and otherwise, is why I stopped posting anything but prompts towards the end of May. And it did make me think maybe I need to pare back my posting schedule. Typically, I post something every day of the week, except for weekends. Wednesday’s are prompts, but the rest of the business week is open to whatever I post.

I am thinking of perhaps posting Mondays and Fridays, unless I want/need to post more often. Sometimes I have more I want to tell you about then other times. Just know, if all I post is Monday and Friday, you haven’t missed anything.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below.