These Prompts Every Other Month


If you have been following me this year, you will notice that every other month I have been running a month-long prompt challenge.

This is a new thing for me.

Typically, for the past decade and more, I have run the weekly prompt every Wednesday.

I am going to make a note to myself to locate my older prompt journey files and post them for everyone again. I always had them available for free, so I would like to have them up again.

However, we were talking about this blog.

Now, I had a good reason to put out The Dark Prompts in February. Ditto for the prompts that are coming out in April.

I have been loving working with the creation of these month-long journeys…and I have enjoyed working with the prompts themselves. I hope all of you do as well.

Along this vein, I am thinking that every other month I will be running a prompt challenge. I cannot promise every month will be a photo challenge every month, but I will have a prompt challenge every other month for the rest of the year.

How do you feel about these month-long prompt challenges? Love them? Hate them? Meh about them? I’m all ears. Let me know in the comments below.

I am also open to suggestions for themes. Go ahead and let me know.