Nope: Had Enough


All right. I’m calling it. I have not touched my Great Green KAL Flax sweater in nearly two weeks, which is a bit ridiculous since the sleeves are on waste yarn and all I basically need to do is knit out the body…I was planning to do short sleeves anyway.

Nope. Because I messed up on the initial yoke increases and decided to keep going, this project has sort of rubbed me the wrong way the entire time I did work on it.

Plus, I had not originally understood how much setting aside my first granny square destash blanket would upset me. Oh, but it did. When I finally decided that I was finished being frustrated, I finished that blanket in two days. It is now proudly covering our bed and keeping us warm at night.

Funnily enough, my base color for that blanket was green, but it was started well before the KAL start date. What do I mean by green was my base color? I held three to four strands of yarn together at a time throughout the project. One strand was a green yarn of one shade or another from start to finish.

I have already started my second granny square destash blanket. The baseline colors for that blanket are blue–because I have a ton of Caron one pound in blue because of #hatnothate. I decided to use a different, softer yarn to make those hats. And the other base color is a shades of pink boucle. When I use more than one color in just about any blanket project, I tend to have one color that I consider to be the base color.

What projects have you decided to lay aside of late? Did you take up another project? Finished a project, a UFO, that you had cast aside for whatever reason? Let me know in the comments below.