New Planning Scheme Coming


Go ahead. Say it. It’s an odd image for a post about my planner/planners, isn’t it? But the picture is more about how I feel at the moment than about my planners…especially since I’ve not actually taken many pictures of anything lately.

Anyway, I told you about how I changed things up in my Daily Passion Planner here for February. I did the same thing for March…I added in the monthly calendar and a few other pages at the beginning of the month–which works out well for me…and then every money I add in another tip-in so I know this is a new week…and so I have space to do whatever I want to do.

As of this week, that Monday page has become a page where I write my weekly reflection journaling bits. The Pash Plan Daily has a lot of stuff, a lot of sections–but there is also a lot that I am missing…and the further along I go in this planner, the more I am realizing that I am beginning to miss my hybrid bujo…a lot.

It doesn’t help that I have subscribed to the BYO Boss subscription box...and the first thing Marcy did was send me a beautiful new planner cover and inserts for it…it’s an A5 six-ring binder. I am not a ring binder person, but this one is really kind of growing on me.

Please note: I ordered my subscription through Cratejoy and I wish I had known before I did that that Marcy sold this subscription from her own site–I would have ordered it directly from Marcy. Not because I dislike Cratejoy, but because I wish I could have picked my own colors and whatnot. I love my gold planner, but I would have chosen the blue one if I had been given a choice. Plus, the Cratejoy box didn’t come with everything that the listing on Marcy’s site shows. I am not in any way dissatisfied with what I received (as I have technically only gotten one subscription box–and then I ordered a different one-off box from her site) — I am just saying that there are options and I didn’t know about them when I subscribed originally.

Now, my Boss Life planner is supposed to be mainly for business planning. I am in the midst of a big shift business-wise and I know it…not to mention with everything else going on in the world, what could I possibly plan that would be of significance to anyone but me?

But that, for me, is the point–I am planning and doing all of this work for me. The people who are meant to find me–will find me. I have faith in that.

On the other hand, I am also subscribed to the Simply Gilded monthly box. The inserts I have been getting from them (I’ve been subscribed for three months now, received three boxes thus far) have all been B6 sized. I saw a planner cover on their site on clearance and I bought it–and I fell in love with the darn thing once it arrived. It’s a B6 cover…with a one and a half inch spine. I thought about making my own inserts, but — frankly, lately, I have not felt well–and neither has my kid…and that is never a good thing. So, I ended up buying B6 slim inserts from amazon because I could not find the B6 inserts I wanted anywhere — not for a reasonable price anyway.

Now, I have my A5 daily Passion Planner, which I am about to move into my second volume for this year–and so far, I am going to keep tipping in extra pages and bits to cover everything I want and need in that planner–although I think it is going to be used more for tracking and memory keeping than for planning here on out.

Most of my planning will be done in my A5 BYO Boss ring-bound journal–because I like the pages and the set-up and there is a lot of room for me to be my own squirrely self.

The B6 journal and inserts is in the process of becoming my long-term planning and my scripting journal. And that feels pretty good to me…I didn’t think I would like a B6 size like this–and I am typically not a TN insert type of planner anyway…but this has been working for me for the past week–so I am going to keep at it.

I can tell you I am aware that this is not my final planner system. There is still a lot more I want and need to incorporate. Due to my own poor planning for my year at a glance calendar, I completely forgot about February being for the 29 Faces challenge–and I do not want more things to slip through the cracks (Pi Day, anyone?)

How is your planning/tracking system working for you thus far?

Are you planning to make any changes?

Have you found planner peace?

Let me know in the comments below.