Prepping My Passion Planner Daily Pages


Well, when I originally received my whole year’s worth of Passion Planner Daily planners, the first thing I did was add in the monthly tabs to each journal.  Then I added a monthly sticker to the first page of each month.  Next, I wrote in the date (January 3, March 21, October 17, and so on – all in proper order, of course).  After that, I put the January to March journal into a cover and set them all on the shelf where I could find them when I need them. (Each journal covers three months.)

Now that I am using these planners on a daily basis…I needed a tiny bit of customization.

All I did in January was take a super thin washi tape and cover up the MTWTFSS, the days of the week.  And the same washi to cover up the time schedule…because I do not use that—ever.

The ultra-thin washi didn’t completely cover every number, but it did cover enough that I wasn’t distracted by the numbers or anything.

So, this month, I chose to use the wicked thin washi tape on the days of the week again—and a regular width washi (what else should I call it?) for the time schedule.  This way all the times are covered…and I feel better about it. 

Also, because I had written the date (August 12, etc.) in on each spread (each day is a two-page spread—which is mandatory for me), I had some trouble keeping up with what day is what when in January.  I started to write the entire date (Monday, September 16, 2021, whatever, etc.) on the top of the right-hand page (as the first time I wrote it was the top of the left page).  Ever since I started doing that, I have kept up with the day of the week much better.  Thankfully.

For February, I also added a piece of scrapbook paper, tipped in, on every Monday, so I will have some sort of visual to instantly know when the week starts, how long until the new week, all of that.

The pictures show the pages right after I tipped them in and trimmed the edges.  I still need to round the corners out properly, but that is coming.

I thought about putting the washi tape and the scrapbooking pages into the March part of the planner—to be honest, January has plumped up enormously and I was a bit afraid of not being able to shove in more tape and paper once we reach March.

I ended up not doing anything for/in March because…what if I change my mind?  What if the scrapbooking paper drives me nuts?  What if I decide to do something else?  I decided to wait and to take my chances when March comes.

And yes, I will be posting my February set-up in my hybrid bujo in the next few days.

How is your planning coming for February?

What does your daily planning look like?

Is there anything that isn’t working for you?

Is there anything you want to add or include for the coming month?

Let me know in the comments.