Time For A Rewrite

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A few years back, when the Halloween blog Sisters In The Shadows (of which I was a participant) was live, I had an idea for a continuing story where in each chapter a very determined boyfriend met his quite timely death.  I called it The Prince Charming Chronicles.

I wrote several chapters of this piece, but never got around to finishing the entire thing out.  The purpose of the Sisters In The Shadows blog back then was to have a story or something posted every single day.  I tended to write my half (fifteen posts) plus a few more…and with the PC Chronicles (as I called it for short) I originally intended to write a thirty-one entries, which equals thirty-one deaths.

For me, despite the horrible and possessed boyfriend who kept coming for me and who deserved to die every single time, the whole affair got SO BORING.  However, the idea of the PC Chronicles has stuck with me. 

I do not want to go through the same process as the original, the whole kill him every single time.  I woke up not long ago with a bigger better idea of what to do with and to him.

Now the first thing I can let go of it the whole thirty-one deaths.  The demon lover may come back from the dead can still happen; it is not going to happen thirty-one times. 

With the original tale, there was little backstory given.  It consisted of horrible uber-controlling boyfriend coming to take me back with him…and the female character killing him, over and over.  The focus was more of the style of killing than the story.

Now, I am ready to add in the story.

I do believe I am on a novella kick of late.  This may end up as a novella…or as a long long short story – which isn’t that basically a novella then at that point?

What are you working on right now?  Or planning to work on?

Let me know in the comments below.