Passion Planner Daily Integration Into My Bujo System


How am I taking to my Passion Planner Daily?

Like a duck to water.  Believe it or not, the daily planner has nearly everything I want to track there…and if it isn’t already there, then there is plenty of room for it.

So, I am happy to have my other journal for my monthly and weekly things…it very much helps me keep up with my appointments – I need to have both, if only for the monthly and weekly view spreads…although I am still trying to work out the best way…if any…to tip-in at least a monthly view, if not the weekly view as well.  I have had some ideas…but my other journal/planner works well enough here.  Plus, in my other journal I have more room for collage, drawings, whatever.  There is always plenty of room leftover at the end of the month in question to add more if I need to do so.

Back to the pash planner daily journal…I am loving it…and there is even a space for a daily quote/affirmation.  I can write in notes about the day, in addition to all my other logging and whatnot.

I’ve not done much art in them…well…I don’t think I’ve done any art in them.  I added washi tape to block out the time allocations as I do not ever use those—even when I mean to use them—I never end up using them.  That is one joy of not having a set firm schedule.

What about you?  How is your initial 2021 journal/planner set-up working for you?  Are you happy?  Are you thinking of adding…or subtracting… things in the coming months?

Let me know in the comments below.