Hygge And Hearth KAL Update

So, I only made it four repeats into this pattern…well, one initial section and three repeats…four days into the pattern.  It was day three of the KAL when things started to go downhill for me.  I started to get sick.  Not entirely unheard-of during December really.  It happens.

By day four, I was beginning to do one row a day, if I was lucky.  A few days there, I could not finish a whole row in a day.  A day or two, I managed a couple rows on that day.

And then, our cat Kyle died.  The last picture I have of her is from when she took over my Hygge KAL when I took a photo of it…and I haven’t been able to touch it since…although I have looked at it, pulled it out.

I love the pattern.  Even when I was well and I just started that KAL, I was already planning to use that pattern to make more of these scarves.  I may have to call this particular one I started originally finished and move on to a new one, completely different yarn and different colors.

I haven’t taken a picture of the whole four sections yet. I sort of wrapped everything up, stuck it in the project bag…and just walked away from it for now.