A Goals Planner In The Making

photo from unsplash.com

I sort of listed out the planners/journals I would be using in the coming year in a prior post, but I didn’t say anything about my goals journal.

I am in the process of creating my Goals journal.  These goals may be for 2021, but they are also for farther out, depending upon how well I feel and how much I can accomplish…and what comes up in the interim.

I am submerging myself in the role of “house-proud wife” (bonus if you hear this said in Alan Cummings voice and can tell me where it’s from) – which means a great deal of sorting, purging, tossing, donating and organizing.  It also means enough to me that I am taking a professional organizing and decluttering certification class online.

One role my Goals journal will have is I plan to write out each room, maybe even make a sketch of it, and then write out in obscenely small and insignificant detail each task I want to accomplish.  My plan is to take the smallest possible steps every day for fifteen minutes to start, working on one part of one room, every day, until I have gotten through everything, organized everything and arranged everything to my liking. 

Another section of my Goals journal will be for my long-term writing projects, one at a time, again creating a plan for how to accomplish my desired word count (as yet unknown), research topics, and so forth.  Again, although I am making a plan to move forward, the point of this journal is not to ensure that I finish every little bit this year; if it takes longer, it takes longer.

Yet another section, I will plan the projects for sewing.  Another will detail my knitting projects, and another my crochet projects.  Long term, not short term.

I am also planning to use this journal—or perhaps another journal on its own—for planning holiday and family events out in detail.  December was pretty busy for us because reverted to things I used to do when my oldest two kids were younger that got set aside for certain reasons before the youngest child came along.  We also added some culturally specific holidays that I hadn’t celebrated or really known much about as well (Boxing Day…not what I thought it was nor why I thought it was, but hey…here it is now).  Maybe this information would be better suited to my reference journal.  We’ll have to see—I am in no way done with that one yet either.  I am still deciding what should go into that one.

If you have any suggestions for what I should/could include in my goals or in my reference journal, please drop me a comment below.  Any questions, same thing.  Thank you.