The Great Santa Cookie Debate

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There is an on-going debate in our house currently: what are Santa’s favorite cookies?

This has never really been a debate before because we normally do not leave cookies out for anyone…dogs will snarf them up…cats will snarf them up…I’m serious.

When I was a kid, I remember leaving out cookies, and a glass of milk and a carrot (the carrot was for the reindeer, of course).  When my older two were younger, we would leave cookies out; we had a plate specifically for Santa’s cookies.  The plate has since been lost to time, possibly broken at some point.

Now, my youngest gets too much information from Instagram and from television, which isn’t all that bad because we keep a keen eye on what he watches—since he is an amazing sponge and absorbs every noise and sound and sight within a hundred feet, it seems.

He, as of this year, requires that we leave cookies out for Santa.

And so the debate began: what is Santa’s favorite cookie?

In all seriousness, ya’ll, what sort of cookies do YOU leave out for Santa?  Because, currently, I am thinking rum balls and some Irish coffee may be in order—with some carrots or apples for the reindeer, of course…preferably at this point bruleed in bourbon or something…but hey…

Our youngest is extremely deep into loving his Scottish heritage, so his first thing to say is ‘the Scottish cookies’ we have all the time (shortbread).  So I put those on the list. 

Maybe chocolate chip, I suggest.  No.  We need to make the chocolate chip cookies, but the boy will be eating them all himself.  Those are his favorites, thank you very much.

We watch quite a few cooking and baking shows.  The boy knows way too many cookie options…plus, I keep throwing things (ideas) out.  He and his dad make snickerdoodles together every year.  I’ve been wanting to make ginger cookies, and oatmeal cookies, maybe even peanut butter cookies.  We’ve also been meaning to make langue du chat (cat’s tongue) cookies.  Not to mention, we have the pan to make proper madeleines and everything; it’s time we made those too. 

Sugar cookies are also on the list to be made.  You can take a good sugar cookie dough and make any number of different cookies from it—we like to make peppermint cookies, and toffee cookies, and butterscotch cookies.  The boy was leaning towards sugar cookies for a bit. Plain ones maybe decorated with some sprinkles.

Then I hit upon the perfect cookie: sable cookies.  These are a French cookie, sort of like a shortbread and a sugar cookie combined.  When I told him about these cookies, he was sold, so long as we make enough for him, as well as for Santa.

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