The Themes Of December, At Long Last

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So, this is the third week of December here…which absolutely defeats my purpose for introducing themes into the month.

They were mostly for my own edification, to give myself something to paint and/or sketch here and there, just to get me creating.

See how that worked this month, eh?

Thank goodness I didn’t stop knitting entirely.

Anyway…the theme for Week 1 of December was to be Stars. I was going to draw/paint a star or many stars…and maybe scenes to go with them, every day of that week. It didn’t happen, in case you are wondering.

The theme for Week 2 of December was Trees. I was planning to draw/paint Christmas trees and all sorts of different evergreens in scene, a tree every day of the week.

The theme for this week, Week 3, is Gnomes. I plan to paint/sketch at least one gnome every day of the week. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while too. I have a specific journal all picked out, all prepped and ready. I even have a Pinterest board set up for nothing but gnomes. We’ll see what happens.

Week 4 of December’s theme is Snowmen; my son loves them, so I had to include them in here somewhere.

Week 5 of December’s theme is Flames, as in Yule Log flames, candle flames, that sort of thing.

So, if you want to participate, in any way, here are the thematic prompts I pull out of nowhere really for this month.


And as always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them belong and I will get back to you.