NaKniSweMo Update

Nope. No sweater this month.  At least not yet.  Maybe I will start something later this month, but not right now.  I have not been feeling well—which is not an odd thing for me—I just do not have the energy to start something that requires that much attention and thinking.

I am working on my second ‘left-over cotton’ granny square blanket.  I am not all that far into this blanket.  It’s not even a throw at this point.  It is gaining size – I am gaining ground on it.  Most of the scraps from other projects have been used up and I have started to use unlabeled balls of cotton yarn. 

The whole thing with this blanket (versus the first one I made that I made entirely with cotton yarn leftover from dishcloth and toy projects) is that I am making it at a smaller/tighter  gauge than the first one.  The first one ended up being a queen-sized blanket, just covering the top of our queen-sized bed from one edge to the other.  This one I want to be larger, king-sized, draping over all edges.

My mother makes the most amazing 2C2 crochet blankets.  I can make a 2C2…washcloth…that’s as far as I’ve gone thus far.  I had to test to see if I could do it.  My youngest, who worships those blankets from his Granny, told me that that was Granny’s style of blanket and I needed to make my own…so I seem to be sticking with the granny square.  I can make it without thinking too much, which is what I need right now.  And so…here I am.

And not only that…I have two other granny blankets waiting to be made…before I start working on the ones for my children…because my oldest has informed me that I must make a blanket (at least one, but more would be ok too) – I have a blue one I plan to make for my husband…and another one using multi-colored balls of yarn…

Ahhh…plans….if only I had Molly Weasley’s abilities and could simply enchant my knitting needles and my crochet hooks and let them do all the work…  *sigh*

That’s my update.

What are you working on?  Let me know in the comments below.