The B5 Dotted Notebook

I shall refer you to this post so you understand where I am coming from now and what I am talking about here.

If you don’t want to go read that (and don’t worry; you are not required to do so), I shall give a quick backstory.

I wanted to try 1 a larger dotted journal to see if I preferred a B5 to my current A5 and 2 I wanted to be far more artistic and to create these amazingly detailed spreads for my October hybrid-bujo experience.

Well, let me answer the first question: a B5 is actually too big for me for a bullet journal (or bujo, as they are also called) – it’s just too much room to fill and I … frankly, I got real tired, real quick…

The second question…I tried.  Oh, how I tried.  I have such the perfect Welcome, October spread…involving one Mr. Bob Gray and his entreaty to the Loser’s Club to, ya know, COME HOME…I have it all sketched out, balloons and all…

But…that’s as far as I got, the penciling in for this spread.

I have many other spreads started, and post-it notes marking where other spreads should be/what they should be/how they should be…but as I began to work on my next spread it struck me…my own personal nemesis: choice.

It came down to me CHOOSING to spend a couple hours measuring, sketching, boxing, highlighting, trying to do whatever sort of simple (and cute) lettering I could…or I could read a book (or an ebook—Kindle Unlimited is killing me lately with all the books I have access to…now affiliation—just too busy reading tons of different books lately)…or I could finish up my crocheted left-over cotton granny square blanket…or I could knit any number of things on my own list and on that of my 8yo son’s list…or I could make stand-alone art pieces that embody the season for me, on canvas, in a journal, whatever…I could be sewing … I could be baking…I could be chasing my kid all over the yard…

And so…after much struggle with my ruler and the darn monthly spread, which in the end I decided I honestly did not require…I decided to let the B5 experiment come to an end.  Now, at some point, throughout the coming year, I may work on one of the B5 spreads here and there, until I complete them all…and then show them to you for next Halloween…but definitely not for this one.

Did I do anything for this October in any journal? 

You bet I did.  I had started to work on the B5 journal first, as my experiment—I never gave up on my A5 Stalogy journal…I simply left setting October up in that journal until after I started to work in my B5.  I will detail what I did there in a later post. 

Have any questions for me?  Leave those questions, and any comments, below.