Halloween Planner Spread Announcement

October will be my second month of doing a more artistic form of bullet journaling.

September was not all that arty, but it was my first attempt…and for some reason the whole idea of September and a theme for September just stumped me to no end.  I did what I could and played with the rest.

I am still in the process of 1 learning and 2 deciding what sort of spreads I like and that I need in my planner/journal…and 3 I am still deciding how to work with my wants and needs in one single journal.

In September, I actually have three journals and it is driving me bats.  I have a daily pages journal–I have my A5 Stalogy where I am working on my new ‘craft’ of artful bullet journaling, and then I have my Passion Planner weekly–which I use strictly for planning out my week.  (I already have a year’s worth of PP daily planners for 2021).

What I need ideally is a single journal, everything all in one…and depending on how things go with my PP daily planner next year, I will either continue to use PP as my planner and use my bullet journal for everything else…which I find to be acceptable…or I will just drive myself completely insane and just stop using/buying the PP all together and do everything in the Stalogy (which I am dearly loving, by the way).  The way things stand at the moment, that all in one in my Stalogy is probably going to happen sooner rather than later…however, I have already started to think of using my PP dailies for reference keeping…birthdays, trackers I need, etc, etc.

Have I bored you yet?

All of that to say…I bought a B5 journal, something cheap to play with to see if I prefer the B5 over the A5 (without investing in a Stalogy B5 until I was absolutely certain) — and I decided to use this B5 notebook as my artistic bullet journal for the month of Halloween.

I’ll be posting pictures of the spreads I do create randomly throughout the month.  Maybe I will post a spread a day, but the way things go, don’t hold your breath for too long on that one.

I also randomly post pictures of my planners on Instagram as well–which you can check out in the sidebar here.  I also post pictures of my 8yo’s planner as well.  Now and again.

Any questions on anything?
Feel free to leave a comment.