Time For An Update

Time for a general update.

Number one: if you’ve been around here much, you’ve noticed more activity on the blog lately.  Yup.  October is my New Year.  There is something about this time of year, in general, the Autumn, that invigorates me and energizes me.  Now, other than the Halloween prompts, I am not promising to post daily, as I used to do…but I am working on posting at least regularly here, at least three to four times a week.  I have a plan in place, you see, that helps me stay on track—rather than the old hey, lemme sit down and pull a rabbit out of my hat and post it today thing as soon as I am done typing it up…


Number two:  I am beginning to work more diligently on filling up my online storefronts, like Gumroad.  Currently, I have a bunch of Halloween prompts and guided journeys available, as well as some digital imagery.

I have been debating on posting older artwork for sale, the art itself as well as the images through Society6 and whatnot…and I have been thinking that I may want to stick to using the newer works in Society6/etc…and sell the older artwork on its own.  I am not all that sure about the older artwork yet.  Still working that out.

This does mean I will be working to complete more artwork on my own in the coming months.  I have some interesting ideas that I need to see how to accomplish them to get what I want…so hang in there with me as I navigate an entirely new playing field.


Number three: the fiber update…well…I started to knit a new sweater after finally completing the February/magenta sweater…and then…I dropped a stitch along the edge three rows from where I stopped and decided…this is not the sweater I want to make right now.  I pulled out a different pattern, the Klaralund.  I made it years ago in a soy yarn, which I gave to my daughter.  I want a lighter version, so this one will be knit using a cotton blend yarn.  I haven’t frogged the other sweater yet…but that’s the yarn I’ll use, once I get to it.

I am not sure when I began my second granny square blanket using leftover dishcloth cotton, but it’s been here for months now.  I am working this one in a smaller hook than I did before, making a tighter stitch, which I love.  Our other dishcloth granny square blanket has been on our bed since I finished it and we absolutely love it. It has softened wonderfully when washed as well.  I just wanted to make another one, a bit heavier, for Fall nights.  I work on this thing at random…and I do mean very random…I think I worked on it one day for three hours during a drive to pick up our daughter and haven’t touched it since…and hadn’t touched it literally for months prior to that.


Four: I am slowly re-opening my coaching business.  I have been busy taking a slew of classes lately and it made me realize how much I miss working with other people, to some extent.  I am still working out the details of how I want to re-open this part of my business.  I have many boundaries still to ponder and set up.  Among other things.

I never meant to be away from my coaching business for this long.  Eight years ago, there was a new baby, after a series of miscarriages, and another harder to handle second-term miscarriage after the baby arrived…and our now eight-year-old is an HSP.  Before the pandemic struck, I was taking him to OT/PT three times a week and that was nearly more than I could handle for myself, the traveling, the waiting, yada yada…so in this way the pandemic has been a blessing for me as it stopped all traveling for us (except those trips to drop off or pick up our daughter at her boyfriend’s)—blessedly those trips are few and far between, so it’s not too overwhelming for me.

I do know there will be no phone calls for a while because my son loves to get extra loud when I am on the phone with anyone.  The whole I haven’t spoken to you in two hours, Mother, and now I must scream everything I know to you at the top of my lungs as close to the phone as I can sort of thing…lol.

So, we’ll have to see how things go with offering coaching again.

If you are interested, drop me an email (see the sidebar for my contact form) and we’ll see what we can work out.


Five: I have not stopped my classes and still have several in the works.  I am currently working through one that I have a fair bit of aggression towards—it just rankles me—that’s all I will say.  I need to get a wiggle on and finish the darn thing so I can move on to a new class that hopefully will engage me in more meaningful ways.  I cannot complain too much.  I chose every class myself.  None were forced upon me.  I just thought the current class would be more…interesting and… involved…


Six:  we have been sick quite frequently, off and on, for various reasons, since March, so we haven’t gotten more of the housework/home maintenance done that we all would have liked; however, we have actually done a fair bit.  Anyone who knows me knows what a floor to ceiling library means to me—yes, I am that Belle…but I have been going through our stacks of books lately and just…letting go of a lot of things that no longer fit us…that is something I have been doing with clothing, projects, dishes, furniture, toys, you name it and if I’ve been able to get to it to sort it, I’ve done major purging and then some re-organizing.  I do have several different types of bins and containers sitting here waiting for me to catch up to myself and re-do 1 our bathroom and 2 our youngest’s bedroom…we’ve also done a good bit of work in the boy’s room, but that is only a part of what needs to be accomplished.


Have I left anything out?

Oh, yes.


Seven: my writing.  Well, for now, most of the new content you see will probably be here for a bit.  I do have several outlines of other things behind the curtains, some longer, some shorter, some coursework, and so on…but my main focus right now has to be on editing and updating the old courses to get them up for sale on Gumroad before I do anything else.  Because that is part of the plan for this business going forward.

I won’t give it all away right now.  All I can say is … we are moving forward…and that feels incredibly good to me.


I think that that is all I have for the moment.

Until next time.