The Things That No Longer Serve

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Spring cleaning is always a big deal in March and April of the year.

We dig through closets and piles stacked up in the basement. We shake out curtains and beat rugs. We sort out wardrobes and shoes and get rid of things that spark anything but joy.

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However, are your things the only thing that no longer serves you?

Toxic relationships? Toxic habits?

Do you need a new hairstyle? Perhaps a new way to wear your make-up?

Perhaps you need a splash of color where you don’t normally have it, such as painting your fingernails or toenails a brilliant color, like Springtime Yellow.

Maybe it is an adjustment in your attitude? Perhaps you are grumpy about where you live? How can you change this? How can you turn your feelings around?

A great place to begin is with a gratitude practice. By focusing on the positive things in your life, it will give you a better head-space to change things from.

Maybe you need to shake up your fitness and health routine?

Perhaps you need to expand your culinary experiences? Change your diet?

Maybe all you need is a new cup to increase your fluid intake throughout the day?

Perhaps your environment needs something to brighten the space.

You could buy yourself flowers, or grow them in your garden to cut them for your table.

Maybe you need to learn to treat yourself with more love and care.

When you step up to clean out all of the clutter and detritus that surrounds you physically, make sure you do a mental and spiritual check as well.

Changing your attitude may do more for you than cleaning out your closet.