Yarny Update All-Around

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

I started trying to work out and work up the Daydream Shawl.
That didn’t make it too far.

So then, I switched to working up the Arctic Scarf/Cowl.
That wore me out so I gave it up.

I also have my own Tunisian simple stitch scarf/cowl on the hook. I have worked quite a bit of it. But, I am more than a little over it—so I am frogging it out at some point this week because I have other plans now for the rainbow-colored yarn I have been using to make this.

I needed a fast and easy project that didn’t require too much mental engagement, so I decided to use the Tunisian crochet simple stitch to work up a set of washcloths for my family for Valentine’s Day. Thus far, so long as my head hasn’t been pounding insanely, these things are calming, meditative, and work up quickly. I’ve been loving them.

I am still working on my Klaralund sweater. I am very happy with how it is working up. I am knitting the sleeves to sixteen inches long because I am not sure I have enough yarn to work everything up exactly according to the pattern. That does not in any way bother me because I am not in the mood for long sleeves with bell cuffs.

I am keeping up with my February temperature blanket square. I work in it about once a week or so.

I still have my oldest son’s seven-foot square granny square blanket in the closet waiting for me to pull it out and give it a go. I started that one working the granny square up differently than I am working up my temperature blanket. I haven’t pulled out my middle child’s requested blanket because I don’t want to mix the two blankets’ stitches up with one another.

Interestingly enough, I want to make another blanket. A granny square blanket as that is my thing, although I may investigate other blankets because Toni of TL Yarn Crafts has so many amazing patterns, for free and for purchase.

I have a stash of variegated yarns (all basic acrylics). I want to take those and do one or two rounds or rows of off-white, then repeat that with a variegated yarn. Then the off-white. Then a different color of variegated yarn. And so forth, all the way until the end of the blanket.

It struck me this past week that I have a hundred different things going on. If I want to actually complete something I need to stop working on so many things at once and focus on the one thing in order to get that thing done. I am driving myself crazy trying to get so many things accomplished at the same time.

Now I have been working on one thing until I get too tired or my hands cramp up too badly, then I work on the other project for a bit.

I do have to say, Tunisian crochet, well, the simple stitch at least, is so rhythmic, so relaxing, it is a meditative experience for me. My latest goal is to get another set of Tunisian crochet hooks because my Pryms do not have the half sizes. I have 5.0mm, 6.0 mm, etc, but no 5.5mm, no 6.5mm, etc. As soon as I can, I will be looking for a set of Tunisian hooks, preferably longer ones that I won’t need to use cords with every time. I do love my Pryms though. I am not complaining about the hooks I have. I just want and need more sizes…