What Actions Can You Take Today To Achieve Your Goals?

Photo by Italo Melo on Pexels.com

What actions can you take today to achieve your goals?

Well, first of all, what are your goals?

We are looking to move closer to my family who live on the East Coast.

We do not have a timetable in mind for this move. It is something we keep in mind for the future when we can commit to actually moving.

I have family in WV, MD, OH, and PA. In that area. We do not want to live in any of those states.

Well, let me be clear: I do not want to live in any of those states.

I want to move home to the South, but still within driving distance of my family.

What can I do today to achieve that goal?

I can research a nearby state. Say, TN, or maybe KY. I can start researching different areas where we might move, what benefits there are, what activities there are, what the area is like, property taxes, cost of living, crime rates, and the like.

That is my step for today.

What else have I done, other than research areas?

I have created vision boards. I create different boards for different things.

I made one to hopefully influence financial gains that arrive in a consistent manner, for both my husband and for me.

I created one about the house we would like to move into, with input from everyone in the house.

I made a board about moving without mishap, in a calm and gentle manner. I absolutely hate moving. Absolutely hate it. It made sense to me to create this board.

I created a board about the type of area we would like ot move into, without thinking about what state or where it might be.

I did these on different days. I actually did these in different months. Some were made in different years.

Yes, we have had this as a goal for quite a while now.

Something more practical that I tell myself I am doing is cleaning and purging things from the house. It’s really because I have lived in a dark tunnel of mommyhood and ill health and have relied on others to do things for me…and now there is a Bermuda Triangle-esque space in my basement, most of which needs to be done away with. But I only have the time and the energy for so much at a time.

But, every bag for donation that I fill, no matter how many days or weeks it takes for me to fill, is another step closer to our goal of moving. Why? Fewer things to think about to move.

So, how do you break this down for yourself?

You examine your goal.

Some typical goals are to spend less and save more.

Today, you have twenty cents you found in your sofa while you were doing other things. You put that change in a piggy bank or a jar or whatever. Look. You have actually moved forward on your goal.

You do not have to take huge steps daily to reach your goals.

Something so tiny, so teeny, can make movement towards your goal. The energy you put into something small pushes you closer to your goal. Never doubt it.