How Do You Use Your Planner To Make Time For What Matters Most?

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This for me is an interesting question.

I am in the middle of changing up my entire planning system, how I do things, and where I do things, on top of my usual issues, as well as our family situation…

Previously, I would write things in on the day in question in my dated planner and there they would be.

Now…I am still figuring things out.

This is week number two where I have not used my GoGetterGirlCo 5-in-1 undated planner. Today was the first day where I started to think I might need to have that planner back in my rotation because I am losing sight of certain things.

I may pull out my PrintPressions undated weekly planner and put that into rotation. That has a better feel to me, especially since I am loving the Weeks size for everything lately.

What is too funny is I am thinking, oh, in 2024, I shall have two Hobonichi Weeks and shall keep track of those things in one while the other is my writing planner and log.

But, how shall I do that here now?

I am actually sitting here thinking, oh, if I still made weekly spreads in my Bullet Journal…WAIT!

I actually do make weekly spreads in my BuJo, in both of my BuJos.

The set-up of those weekly spreads is horizontal. There is very little room in each little space. I have enough room to scribble in an appointment or two, but not that much more.

I set up my entire month in one go, so I cannot change the layouts for my weekly spreads until March. I already have a list of spreads that I forgot to set up this month. I guess I got too focused on making sure I put in the A Year Of Planning (hosted by Jashii Corrin) spreads so I don’t forget them—because I don’t want to put every spread in my R&D journal.

But this makes more sense for me.

I will make the weekly spreads vertical and using two pages for the entire week instead of one starting in March. My tracker page will still be one page, just on a different page. I will not be changing that spread at all. I like it the way it is.

However, the weekly spreads will then hold all my daily planning—versus the running task list I have been trying to use this month.

So, again, how do I, or in this case did I and will I again, use my planner to make time for what matters most to me?

On a day-to-day basis, I write down what I want to accomplish for the day.

On Mondays, it’s more of a catch-up with cleaning and laundry sort of day.

On Tuesdays, it’s been both a painting and an online class day.

On Wednesdays, it’s family time and Pokemon Go raid hour.

On Thursdays, it’s bookbinding and online class work.

On Fridays, it’s family time while we run errands.

Weekends are all family time.

I also note meal planning for the week ahead of time.

We have a family game night at least once a week, but often more frequently.

We also have a family movie night.

I also have it written down once a week: clean out the pig cage, water the plants, and clean and/or treat the fish tanks.

All of this goes into my planner beforehand so I know when to expect what.

I also make sure that on every single day, there is a notation for knitting, my temperature blanket (even though I usually do that once a week to catch everything up), reading, moving my body, and breath work.

I do not use the timeline in any planner. I never have. The only time I have a distinct need to have a time for anything, in particular, is when we have an appointment outside of the house. Otherwise, flexibility is the name of the game.

How do you use your planner to make time for what matters?

Let me know in the comments below.