Time For A Temperature Blanket Update

So, my initial plan for my Temperature Blanket in 2023 was what?

Make one big granny square, per quarter.

In January, I basically caught up on my blanket once a week. I wove in ends every other week. Ok. I wove in ends once. I still have ends to weave in.

I finished adding the white border to the square on February first.

It was seven to ten days prior to that that it struck me that I did NOT want to make a single huge granny square for each quarter of this year,

The square grew, faster than I thought it would.

I used a pattern that had fewer stitches, and made shorter rounds. I used a much smaller hook than I typically use. I did not think, oh my goodness, this will be SOOOO tiny. I knew I was aiming for big.

I want a blanket that can or nearly does touch the floor on both sides of the bed and has more than enough length that when tucked in at the bottom of the bed stays there.

As you can see from the above video, my youngest likes to wrestle his blankets and pillows, and any person he can all over the bed because it’s fun.

Hey, every warrior king must begin somewhere, right? 🙂

Before I finished the last five days of January, I had already made a Joann Fabrics run to buy two skeins of yarn as the two that needed replacing were all but gone.

After finishing those last five days, I have one I need to replace more urgently, as well as one I might as well replace while I am there.

I am using Joann’s Big Twist Value Solids Worsted Weight yarn. Each skein is roughly 380 yards of yarn.

Does that give you an idea of how much yarn I am using?

My January square, with the white border around added on, measures roughly 36 inches by 36 inches.

Yes, that is approximately three feet by three feet.

Now, do you understand what I have gotten myself into? lol

I am not stopping. I wanted a huge blanket and I am getting one.

I now plan to crochet one square per month for the year.

I will sew the blanket three squares across (nine feet) and four squares down (twelve feet).

I think that may cover our queen-sized bed and then some.

The terrible thing is I am already working up various color palettes for next year’s blanket.

I doubt that I will be using the same pattern, but we will have to see.

I’ll keep you updated as I move forward with this current blanket.