#MakeItCAL2023: Yeah, No…

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

So, the plan was to use my new Prym Tunisian crochet hooks to make the DayDream Shawl designed by Toni Lipsey.

I even bought the pattern, the actual for-sale, ads-free version of the pattern because the free pattern kept losing me on Row Three.

Apparently, Row Three is an issue for people.

The paid pattern includes beautiful photos with arrows showing every little thing that Toni explains in her video and in the free pattern.

Once I saw the photos, I was like, oh yeah, I’ve got this.

Nope. I did not.

I tried for three days straight.

I could not get the stitch count to come out right no matter what I did.

I admit I did despair.

I admit I did cry more than a little bit.

And then…I decided why am I, someone who hasn’t even been trying to work Tunisian crochet for long at all, why am I so upset that this wasn’t making sense to me?

I went back to Toni’s blog and back to Toni’s Ravelry page…and I picked something else.

I picked the Arctic Cowl/Scarf pattern.

If you are interested, you can check out my project page here on Ravelry about my new project. I am going to add pictures at some point. I swear I am.

I am still using the same yarn, Bernat POP! cake yarn. I am into the second color 9in the first cake so far.

It’s an interesting stitch.

Since it is easy to remember, I am mostly working off of memory and a tutorial video I saw. I am not entirely certain I am working the last stitch of the rows correctly, but it is not looking overly messy or messed up, so I am just going with it for now.

After I make it as long as I want it, I plan to single crochet all around the outside before I decide it if will be a scarf or a cowl.