Altering A Purchased Tarot Deck For Your Own Personal Use

It Belongs To You: Do What You Will

Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

Recently, I listened to a YouTube video. I wish I could tell you which one where why and all of that, but I was listening to videos as I worked on other things.

I heard something about altering a purchased Tarot deck to make it more your own.

Now, I have a tendency to buy used decks periodically. I have been known to use older decks or roughly-used decks in artwork and so on.

Not once has it ever occurred to me to take a deck that I use for readings, whether that be for myself or for others, and alter it more to my liking.

For example, you have a deck of Tarot cards that come with a border around every card. You hate the border. Cut it off. It won’t hurt the cards.

Your cards have angular corners. You hate that. Use a corner rounder and make those corners round.

Hate the back design of your cards? Glue on a new backing paper or fabric that you love.

Your cards don’t have all the symbology you want on them? Add them on using permanent markers.

You can add your personal sigils to each card. You can doodle on cards.

One thing that pulls me out of a reading is when my cards have more than one language on them. My brain automatically wants to see what language it is and play with that. It never occurred to me to either cut off the words or paint over them or collage over them. I could washi tape over them. I don’t have any of those decks anymore, for one reason or another.

There is no end to what you can do to a deck of cards, Tarot or Oracle, when it comes to customizing them and making them your own. You own the deck; make it your own in whatever way feels best for you.

Not to mention, it may be the practice that you need before you start to think about making your own Tarot or Oracle deck from scratch.