Passion Planner In My Planner Line-Up For 2023, The How And The Why

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I keep telling you that I am a Passion Planner Ambassador (I will include my links and code at the bottom of this post). Literally, when I became a Passion Planner Ambassador, I was phasing PashPlan out of my life because I had found something that works better for me, other than Bullet Journaling (which I will get into at another time).

However, since I became a PashPlan Ambassador, I thought I might as well give the system a go. At the time in 2022, that wasn’t all that difficult as I had been using a weekly Passion Planner since about May. I figured I would keep using that journal for my Ambassador activities and whatever else.

Uhm, nope. That didn’t work for me— mostly because my new planner, the GoGetterGirlCo 5-in-1 undated 6-month planner was doing so much for me. So, I have been doing my PashPlan Ambassador activities in my other journals since they are what I have been using.

Well, I not only bought a whole bunch of Passion Planners, one of every type I could find, in various sizes, which you can see here:

But I had also re-dated a large weekly Passion Planner to use in 2023. This you can see here:

Yes, now I have a pile of planners and I am not entirely certain what I am going to do with them, but I am not giving up on any of them. Not by a long shot.

Anyway, it has been bothering me and bothering me ever since I made that final switch of, yeah, Passion Planner is no longer for me…although back in November I bought a 2023 Hobonichi Weeks … and THAT planner is throwing all sorts of wrenches in my planning system that I am still sussing out…but more on this later on…

What came up while sitting in my recliner with one cat or another on my chest was…I am working to combine both of the Bullet Journals I started working on and with this December so I could play around before the New Year to see if I could manage a more artistic Bullet Journal Journey for myself (so far, so good on that one)…I am going to miss my microjournaling journal in January. The microjournaling and tracking notebook I keep as my everyday carry will be going the way of the dinosaurs while I explore other methods of tracking, planning, and microjournaling. I have the re-dated Wonderland222, which you can see here:

That I have been planning to use as my gratitude journal…and I started to think, could I use this as my micro-journaling journal as well? But that sort of defeats my purpose with the gratitude if I also throw in microjournaling—because my microjournaling can be the most off-the-wall bizarre little tidbits ever gathered together in one place by one person…I started thinking that my B6 Stalogy may get called upon for that…and then, it hit me, between coughs and sneezes, that the re-dated Passion Planner, the large weekly one, would be perfect for what I was contemplating doing with this.

The plan is to do a short reflection before starting my day and at the end of my day…and the PashPlan is exactly what I need for this. Plus, there is room for other things as well. The space of infinite possibility for random notes and whatnot…and the to-do lists can be transformed into whatever I need them to become. The good things that happened spots on every week already have stickers in them, so I don’t even need to think about that.

This is going to be great—and I won’t feel so guilty being a Passion Planner Ambassador who doesn’t use a PashPlan. It kills two birds with one stone.

I had said earlier I would provide you with my Passion Planner Ambassador affiliate link and code here at the end.

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