Are You Looking For End Of The Year Reflection Questions?

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I will link you to several different sites that have free end-of-year reflection questions.

You can always do an internet search for some. You can do a search on Pinterest and find tons, along with cool journal spreads to create in relation to the reflection.

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I am not affiliated in any way with the remaining links here. They were links that came up when I was doing my own search for a different variety of end-of-year reflection questions.

Here are 20 questions for students at the end of the year: click here. This is a website geared towards educators.

Here are 39 questions to help you reflect on 2022. If you read the entire post here, you will see the blog author’s answers to the same questions.

If you click here, you will find 25 reflective questions that are geared toward helping you build better habits and a better you.

My last recommendation comes from the Antimaximalist here, with an entire post to take you through reflective questions.

I hope you find some questions that feel helpful for you as you reflect upon the past year.

Let me know if you have more resources to share.