My Planning System For 2023

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The New Year is fast approaching. I am not sure how it got to be so late in the year so quickly. It is what it is though.

I started using my 2023 Hobonichi Weeks Mega (her name is Ophelia) at the beginning of December here because — I can. The monthly and weekly spreads are there. I figured I would get into her and start figuring out how to use her. She is now my work planner and I am loving using her. She is a definite for use the entirety of 2023.

I am also currently experimenting in a Sunshine Sticker Co slim dot grid notebook as an artsy Bullet journal (her name is Morticia). I am slowly sliding into the more decorated spreads with this planner. Thus far, I am loving it to pieces. I have a second artsy Bullet Journal as well. (This is Roisin) She is an A5 dot grid notebook from Archer and Olive. I am playing with trackers and spreads in this journal. There may be a bit of overlap in both my Bullet Journals, but the plan is to decide which one works best for me and stick with that size. However, I am going to be playing along with Jashii Corrin (you can find her on YouTube) and her year-long Bullet Journal Challenge where she has a particular journal spread to create in your planner every week of the year.

Currently, I am still using my GoGetterGirlCo planner (it’s an undated 5-in-1 six months long planner) for my daily planning and so forth. I have a feeling I am going to slowly be phasing her out and putting everything into my Bullet Journal at some point.

Now, I redated a Wonderland222 for 2023. Right now, I am planning to use that as a gratitude journal. But, if I do phase out my GGG planner, some of what I track in that will move to the Wonderland. Things like my health, if I am keeping up with my monthly challenge, monthly goals and action steps, dinner/food I ate that day, and things of that nature. I am also wrestling with the idea of needing/wanting a notebook to track my knitting projects, my bookmaking projects, my sewing projects, and so forth. I think this will all fall into the Wonderland222 as well.

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I redated a large Passion Planner weekly planner earlier this year. I had amazing plans for that journal that my GGG made obsolete. I am going to be adding some artwork and details to make it my youngest’s planner for the year and see if I can get him to actually use it. So, that is where that is going.

This December is me getting used to the new Bullet Journal set-up and artsy format—instead of my more minimal set-ups. It’s about getting used to using my Hobonichi Weeks and moving into her.

This is the plan I have moving into 2023.

I do have a journal as a diary that I will continue to use in the coming year. I also am using a few other Week’s sized notebooks (from PrintPressions) during the month of December that will be gone when January arrives, so I didn’t bother speaking about them here. I also have my Traveler’s Notebook-sized reference journal that I will continue to use.

I think that covers everything.

What about you? What are your plans for planners and planning in the coming year? Are you changing things up? Are you sticking with what you have now? Something somewhere in the middle of the two? Let me know.