NaNoWriMo: Did I Win?

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Did I write 1667 words every single day in November? No. That was not what I had chosen to do.

I believe initially I said I would 1 write every day and 2 write 500 words per day.

I didn’t quite do that either. Although I never actually intended to write on any Saturday or Sunday throughout the month.

I did however write enough to write, collectively, 250 words per day, every day, throughout the month.

What that means is that with all the writing that I actually did, when you average it throughout the days of the month, I wrote enough to cover every single day of November with the bare minimum of what I expect to write on a daily basis.

I typically wrote two or three times per week. Usually, not every time, I wrote more than a thousand words. I think there was at least one week when I didn’t write at all because I was so unwell.

So, overall, I consider the month of November a win for me because I at least made my typical base word count per day–and since I typically do not write on the weekends, that means my daily weekday word count was a bit higher.

Did I win NaNoWriMo? Nope. Not even by the bare limits I gave myself, which I believe was 500 words per day–and write every (week) day.

Do I feel good about what I did achieve? Absolutely. I can do better, but at least I did something.