Step Back.  Wait A Minute. 

Let Me Bring In Some Grace Here.

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So, if you read here, I am not at all into color coding.

Well, as my planning journey keeps changing and evolving, I revisit things that in the past I did not like, did not appreciate, and in some cases outright hated.

This past month, in my GoGetterGirl planner and Bullet Journal, I have felt stuck, stymied, and stagnant.  I feel like I have been writing things down, not getting them done, and then migrating and writing them down again…and again…and again…so on.

I have gone back to color coding, but instead of highlighting different types of tasks in different colors, I have brain-dumped all of my recurring tasks.  These I sorted into four categories: work, home, personal, and family.

Each topic gets its own colored pen.  Thank you, Sarasa Clip .5mm Deco Shine color pens.

In order to make my life easier, I pulled out my reference journal, my dear Rosalind, and I created a collection spread for every day of the week.  I listed every single recurring task, at least the ones I have remembered, each task in their group.  In my reference journal, I simply grouped tasks in the same category together and didn’t worry about the ink colors. 

When it comes to planning out my week in my GoGetterGirl planner this Sunday when I have my usual weekly planning session, which, yes, I have to put on every single Sunday’s to-do list so I won’t forget, I write out all of the recurring tasks, in their proper color ink.

I repeat this on each daily page.  If I don’t write it down in a dozen places, will it ever actually get done?  Doubtful.

Now, the fun part is, repeating the process in my Bullet journal.  I don’t keep a running list of tasks on my weekly bujo spreads, but I do keep a running daily to-do list.

My idea of a running to-do list is: I write down all the recurring tasks.  Whatever didn’t get done yesterday is migrated to today.  If it doesn’t get done again, I might re-access it and see if it can wait a week, or maybe a month.  Whatever.  This is where the concept of daily reflection comes in.  Daily reflection, just that gentle pause to investigate my whys and how I am feeling about things, huge game changer for me.

This coming week will be the first time I try this form of color coding and formatting. 

If it works, great.  If not, at least I will have all of my recurring tasks set up in my reference journal and that alone will help me going forward.

This is how I create space for myself, for my planner and planning, and for our journey together going forward.

I will post a video on YouTube or TikTok next week of before the pen and after.

How do you give yourself grace in your planning process?

How do you create that space to allow yourself to shift and grow?

Let me know in the comments below.

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