Oh, Those Pesky Links And Rounding Them Up

photo unsplash.com

As you might be able to tell, I am not enjoying the whole weekly links round-up thingy.

From now, I will probably let this go.

But, I will gather my posts from near and far for the past week, and show them to you here, one last time.

Last, at least for now, because you never know when I will want to explore something like this again.

So, this week, spooky stories on Medium here:

The Skin Game

Spaces In Between


And even today’s post: Paper Cuts

Substack, my weekly newsletter:

Spooky Time: Week Two


My Weekly Passion Planner’s Spine Issues


Passion Planner Daily October 2022 Set-Up

MyPrintPression October 2022 Set-Up

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