It Is Preptober: Do You Need Some Resources?

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I haven’t really applied myself to a NaNoWriMo event in November since about 2011. Maybe. I have tried to work through things via Camp NaNoWriMo, but haven’t excelled at it.

Then I saw a video on YouTube, and I got an email from someone else, and of course, I hopped into that rabbit hole and am still sitting on the fence, while I prep for November 1.

This is the first video I watched (not counting Sarra Cannon, because I always watch hers):

In the first video, she gives you additional resources that I would give you, like Sarra Cannon, NaNoPrep101, Save The Cat’s Free Plotting PDF, and so on.

Other resources I love are:

Her website here is a treasure trove.

Here’s a free workbook from An Aspiring heroine.

Check out Nicole’s website here. In her free resources, you will find a preptober workbook, as well as a NaNo workbook.

A quick search through YouTube will bring you a warren of NaNo prep videos.

I also have a stack of Plan Your Novel books, ones I have collected for years.

Hopefully, you’ll find some good stuff among the resources listed.

If you have more that you would like to share, please, do so in the comments below.