Bonus Prompt: The Director

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Don’t be afraid to use this prompt day after day. For as long as you wish.

Our director today is: Tim Burton.

Chose any movie, any film, or anything by Tim Burton that you wish to explore further.

Find a place where you have questions.

Perhaps you wonder what this character did before the story begins.

Perhaps you wonder what that character did during the story that was never revealed.

Or perhaps you wonder what the other character did years after the story ended, or perhaps sooner than that.

Now, write the tale as it comes to you.

For example, take from one movie:

What do Lock, Shock, and Barrel do before they meet up with Jack…or with Oogie Boogie for that matter?

Why did the Mayor decide he wanted to be Mayor?

What other lands lie behind the holiday trees we don’t see? What can we find therein?