How Do You Use The Men Of Halloween Prompts?

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Beginning October 1 and running every single day throughout October, I will be giving you a random name. Some dude from some scary something.

This is to spark your creativity.

What will you do with the prompt?

Well, honestly, what do you want to do with it?

You could draw a portrait of the guy.

You could write some fan fiction, expanding upon the story he comes from.

You could find a tangent in the story, whether it includes the man or not, and explore that, either in writing or in art form.

You could bake cookies in honor of the guy. Maybe his favorite kind of cake or whatever.

What you do with the prompt is up to you.

I present it to you merely to get your creative juices flowing.

Would you like a sample now?

Each post will come with the above photo and the following disclaimer (in case someone stumbles onto these prompts in the middle of the month and need some help):

If you don’t know who this is, click on the name to be taken to a link for an explanation.

Percy Wetmore