What I Learned About Myself writing Every Day In The Month Of August

Photo by OVAN on Pexels.com

This past August I undertook the task, for no real reason, of posting every (week) day on Medium, here on this blog, and three times a week on Substack (rather than my normal once a week).

This is one reason I am having issues returning to my normal posting schedule and why things come out at strange times here lately.

What I learned in August, writing so much, is that I love to write. I have no issues writing every single day. I have no issues writing every single day on the same topic.

I hate having to write and publish what I write that day or the next day.

There is something about the “have to” that makes my brain hurt. It’s not the same issue I have when I have a deadline…deadlines and me, we do not get along. This write and publish, write and publish, even though there was an editing phase, just not as long as I might have liked for many pieces, it made me build up a grudge of some sort. A refusal to write when and how I normally write.

This means right now, even though I am trying to work through that, I still have to push myself to do things, even things I enjoy.

I am telling you this so, 1, you understand why the timing of my postings has been off lately and, 2, that you know I know — and am actively trying to fix it.

Especially with the month of October and all our jolly good spooky fun coming up so quickly.