This Week’s Links Round-Up


Fall, Fall, almost here…maybe then my body will respond more positively to, ya know, life and living.

On YouTube this week, there were a few videos. I think I have caught up with all the videos I told you I would film…now, once my filming space is returned to me (George the cat is still decompressing from 2+ years as an outside cat in the office) I will begin to film anew.

September 2022 Bullet Journal Set-Up Flip-Through

Finding Space and Giving Myself Grace Inside My Planners

September 2022 Bullet Journal Tracker Set-Up

Comparing my Decomposition Dot Grid BuJo to my Decomposition Lined Bujo

Cheddar and the Hand-Made Journal

I am working on finding a schedule to post to YouTube, so you know when to expect things. I have to find that rhythm in filming in order to create a schedule, so I am working on it.

And now, on to what I posted on Medium this week:

Planning To Plan Out A Few Ideas

Why Did I Start Planning In The First Place

Finding Empowerment Within The Pages Of My Planner

Moving on to Substack:

The Dark Phase Of The Year Approaches

And a quick peek at my TikTok:

Weekly Passion Planner Set-Up